Careful consideration for the right fit for both client and candidate is our ultimate goal.  This means in-depth discussions with our candidates about his/her needs as well as detailed communication with our clients.  At Adept, we believe that a successful placement is a win for all!

Source Resumes (utilizing referrals, professional, personal) search our resume database, our intranet, our partner database; and other public resources. We possess an extensive network of resources, partnerships and professional contacts nationally. We are available to our clients and candidates 24/7. Our ability to be flexible and responsive is fundamental to our business. WE
o Pre-screen
o Provide Software Tests
o Verify references
o Conduct Background checks when necessary
o Upon request Behavioral assessments

Our Business Style 

With our established relationships in the field of staffing for the past 20 years, we have proven professional referrals, selected professional organizations, groups, and our proven personal reputation, one of the most powerful marketing tools to our disposal.

We are not your typical large corporate company. We are a small boutique woman owned business by design.  We go beyond the typical or obvious means to find the ideal candidate for every position.  Because our consultants have direct professional experience in the legal, accounting, medical and administrative industry, you can rely on us to resolve all your staffing needs.

Each candidate is pre-screened and talent evaluated and you will receive a complete overview of each candidate's personality, desired work environment, and test scores. This will enable you to spend less time reviewing resumes, reading cover letters, and interviewing, which will enable you to quickly hire your desired candidate and immediately impact your bottom line.

Do you have an urgent need?  An upcoming project? A price quote?  Or just seeking information?  Please call us at 1.301.883.4308